The Gender Culture Model – Guidelines of education for equality in preschool and primary school education

During the initial months of the project, the E4E partners have collected the best practices in their respective countries on the models and tools to aim at fostering equal gender opportunity in preschools and schools.

The Partners also used workshops to analyse in what way cultural aspects divide and connect us, how the project can be enriched by this and how the tools can be made useful regardless of the context.

The shared values, aims and understandings as well as the combining of the strength of different experiences and approaches inspire a Gender Culture Model with the purpose to define and describe tools and methodologies (E4E Teachers Kit), to be transferred to the teachers and educators, belonging to selected schools in each country involved by the project.

A co-educational model that enriches the experience of educative institutions, with new methodologies, eradicates obstacles and situations of discrimination, transforming the centre in a friendly and democratic area where all people of every sex respectively gender feel recognized and participate in a responsible and full way, free of sex stereotypes, during the educational process.

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