Gender Equality in preschool and primary school education

Gender Equality it is about adding – not taking away ( for example: giving all children access to all colours and all toys, not taking away the dolls or the cars, pink or blue).

Gender Equality it is about freedom – not oppression (for example: giving all children more action space so that they can be, and act as suits them).

Gender Equality it is about the right to be different – not the pressure to be the same (for example: it is not about erasing the most feminine or masculine to make all people in one format, but rather to give the freedom to be as different or alike as it suits everyone, regardless of sex).

That is why E4E partners, in collaboration with experts and teachers in each partner country, have created an E4E Teachers Tool Kit for Gender Equality in preschool and primary school education: a series of exercises and activities designed to help children (and adults) to act outside of gender roles and expectations, to broaden their action space.

The E4E toolkit, designed to be easily accessed for whom ever wants to work with gender equality with children between the age of three and eight, now will be tested with the children of preschool and primary school in the four partners country and after will be altered by the feedback given.

The hope is that the E4E Tool Kit for gender equality can be used by all EU countries to promote gender equality.



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