Education for Equality – Going beyond gender stereotypes (E4E)

E4E is a project funded by National Agency INDIRE (Italy), through the European Erasmus Plus Program – Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships.

The project, which will last 36 months, was presented by Teseo in partnership with:

  • Unicef Italian Committee (Italy);
  • Olika (Sweden);
  • FBI – Institut für gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung, Bildung und Information (Austria);
  • Cogam (Spain).

The main goal of E4E is to spread the culture of gender equality through the identification of new methodologies and teaching approaches that favor the overcoming of stereotypes.
Direct project beneficiaries are teachers and educators of primary and secondary schools (ages 3 to 10), while indirect beneficiaries will be children.
During the first phase of the project, with the contribution of all partners, the good practices put in place to overcome gender discrimination have been collected in the four countries involved (Austria, Italy, Spain, Sweden).

From the analysis and comparison of the good practices collected, the E4E Gender Model will be created, with the purpose to define and describe tools and methodologies (E4E Teachers Kit), to be transferred to the teachers and educators, belonging to selected schools in each country involved by the project.
In order to share/disseminate the results of the activities carried out – also ongoing – and to involve a broad audience, not only of staff (teachers, educators, experts), but also of parents, social workers, cultural operators, etc. the website has been realized to allow the download of material and documenetation.

In addition, the newsletter – which you are reading the first edition and will be sent every three months – will be a way to update the interested people about the progress of the project and it will include interviews, insights and studies.



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